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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get em Girl! dude 50 is the talk of the internet, yet again, due to his beef with Ricky Ross (who will now before referred to in my blog as Officer Rawse..keep up or get left behind 50 can (and will always be guaranteed to) take things to the next level, but no one expected what he did a couple of days ago. Dude not only interviewed Officer Rawse’s baby moms, Tia, about Rawse being a correctional officer, but took her and a friend shopping on NYC’s 5th Avenue AND signed lil mama to a book deal. All of this was meant to (obviously) destroy Officer Rawse’s career and amuse the hell outta 50, but a lot of folks are failing to realize that *Now* Tia is the one that has truly gained from this situation. She came up from nothing to something all in the course of 1 day, but the internet is going crazy..Folks are saying that she’s wrong for talking to 50, that she looked thirsty as hell trying on those furs and that she was nothing but a gutterbutt trollup on the come up. Well, Tia DID come up and more power to her for doing so. How can anyone be mad at her? She followed all codes ~ and in the end, she’s coming out a hell of a lot better than Officer Rawse.

The best part of this saga to me IS that she did follow the code. Tia knew that at the end of the day, talking to 50 might be more problems than what the situation was worth. So she picked up the phone, called her baby daddy and told him what was going on so that he’d be aware. She respected that man when she had no true need to, besides the fact that they have a child together. And Officer Rawse was an asshole to her until the very end, which ended up biting him in his black, obese ass. He encouraged her to talk to 50 and has said in an interview with Miss Info ( “she’s never made more than $300 a week in her life, so how can I stand in the way of her getting money?”. That asshole way of thinking is where Rawse signed his death certificate and rose her stock all in one fell swoop..lemme show yall how.

Delilah and Solomon. Eve and Adam. Divine Brown and Hugh Grant. All wonderful examples of how chick’s can be a dude’s downfall. Normally in these situations, its a chick tryin to lie, manipulate and deceive in order to get a come up. But In Officer Rawse’s case, that isnt the story because this partially is of his own doing. Fatty tittayballs has really gotten high on his horse, hasn’t he? Talking junk about his baby moms? Dude, if she’s only making $1200 a month, and yall are stlll fighting over child support (which has currently been going on for 2 years), how is she adequately taking care of your child? Did Rawse even care or think about that? While he’s out there, flossin in videos with (allegedly) rented chains, whips, houses and furs, eating steaks and skrimps and shit, his child’s probably eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every night, while his momma provides for him the best way she can, or knows how to. More likely than not, she worrying and wondering about how she’s going to clothe her child, keep lights on in the house and how they’re going to survive while Rawse is out there living the life of rap’s quintessential d-boy. And Officer Rawse makes fun of that? He practically pushed her into the arms of his new (and already known to be) ruthless enemy and try to be greasy with his words all at the same time? Dude really thought that was a good idea?

Well now...Tia came up. Got not only a fur (which admittedly when she put it on, she did look like someone that been starved for 15 years and had just taken her first bite of a ham sammich with cheese and mustard), some Gucci shades and shoes and a free trip to NYC but, Mama got a book deal. She’s gained the ability to provide a better life for her and her son, which has empowered her more than any of us can ever think of. So while everyone’s talking about how wrong she was, I salute her. Tia, your baby daddy was a lying asshole, who gave you to the enemy thinking that you weren’t about shit, wasn’t gonna do shit and wasn’t worth a damn to him. But damn babygirl, you sure showed him the error of his ways..Get em girl!!

Soundtrack of My Life:
I'll Whip Your Head Boy ~ 50
Mafia Music ~ Officer Rawse
Get em Girl ~ Camron
Ladies First ~ Queen Latifah & Monie Love


Super Dave Van Buren February 18, 2009 at 2:32 PM  

lmao.. I completely disagree with this. I'll but good money on her NEVER writing a book, 50 used her and she sold out for some material crap. Not even cash she could use on her child. Being a kid seeing your mom getting tricked by 50 on the internet can not be a good thing.

Eb the Celeb March 17, 2009 at 11:49 AM  

This was the beginning of something I'm addicted to. I cant get enough of pimpin curly

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