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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Big O..

So...last night I was having a conversation with some folks about orgasms.
More specifically, if guys can tell if a woman fakes them,
and why a woman would fake them.

Listen ladies,
there is no reason to fake an orgasm.
If you aren't getting yours..
why lead the dude on?
Because of his ego?
You wanna make HIM feel better?
Fuck him! Especially if you didn't get yours!
There is no reason to get nekkid,
to give your body to someone,
to not give AND receive, feel me?
Tell him what you like/dislike..
Tell him what you need..
And if you don't get yours..don't lie.
Because then, that dude thinks he's done something right.
And will continue to do that dumb shit over and over and over again..
And then, you'll never reach those orgasmic heights that you're trying to reach.
His ego will be ok.
And if it isnt..*shrugs* at least you arent a liar.

For all my dudes,
if you really wanna know if a girl has reached that climatic pleasure point?
See if her leg shakes and her toes curl.
If her pussy thumps & contracts..
Or shakes uncontrollably and she cant remember doing it?
If she cries..
If she has a moment where she has to stop in the middle, and lets out a long pleasurable sigh..
She offers you money..
Or she loves your ass no matter how much of an asshole you are to her..

yeah, you made her cum.

Hope you all enjoyed my orgasm tutorial..
take what i say to heart,
and trust,
your time in the bedroom will be way more fulfilling.


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