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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look Thru My Eyes..

And see my twitter observations..

I’ve been on twitter for a while now, and I’ve noticed a few things.

1. I have many more male followers than female ones.

but that only happened because...

If you’re a female with a face picture up of yourself, then more people pay attention to you and add you ~ no matter if you tweet obsessively or just once or twice a day.

I originally only had a pic up of my eyes and forehead ~ changed it to a pic of my face and I swear, my followers fucking tripled.

2. Dudes on twitter are hella aggressive. And sensitive.

If they speak to you and you don’t respond (which could be for various reasons) then they’ll send you messages asking why you didn’t respond to them. Or they’ll send you a DM (direct message) which lemme tell you....

3. Direct messages are the debil.

I’ve had dudes arguing with me in them about why I ignored them, had folks send me links to web pages that have pic of their dicks on there, I’ve gotten one night stand offers, relationship offers, a marriage proposal (that may or may not be serious ~ I’m not really trying to find out) and countless other fukkery items that I’ve blocked from my memory simply so spazz out I wouldn’t delete my twitter account.


4. You can really meet some interesting folks on there, and possibly make a friend or two.

There are folks on twitter that I speak to everyday. If I don’t update one day, they’re trying to reach out to me to make sure that I’m ok. Hell, my own family doesn’t even do that..And, every rapper (both famous and not-so-famous), hip-hop journalist, PR executive, popular website writer, hip hop enthusiast, video vixen and all their mommas are on twitter too.

5. But you must realize that twitter is just twitter..and not take everything so personal.

I’ve seen folks delete a person just because they didn’t like the fact that a person put up a nekkid picture of Sanantonio Holmes (which mind you, is incredibly google-able and the person who put it up edited the hell outta that pic to make it PG-13). Or if they don’t agree with 1 thing someone says, they’ll delete them (which has been happening during this whole Chrianna fiasco). Listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And if you loved them all other 200 days you’ve been following them, why get mad over the two of you not sharing 1 opinion?? Folks can be extra-sensitive on there, which makes me very concerned about them and their real lives off the internet. Which leads us to my last observation...

6. Twitter has many haters.

I’ve gotten many dm’s from chicks that have said that I’m not as cute as I apparently think I am ~ that they’re flyer ~ more “Barbie” than me...whatever. And as I’ve deleted their messages without even responding, I thank God for them. Because just like my dude Katt said, I’m just trying to do me, boo boo. But I will reach the maximum amount of haters before summer time at the same time because of it..

All in all, I really do love twitter ~ even with its stalkerish implications. But using it as a dating service is a no-no. Folks, this is not, eharmony, blackplanet or any other dating site that you wanna use but don’t wanna pay money for (cheap asses). Stalking folks on it is a double no-no. Finding someone you wanna be like on there and imitating them to the point that you think that now you are them is a triple no-no.

So to everyone, tweet at your own risk, and enjoy. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Lol

Soundtrack of My Life:
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Fancy ~ The-Dream
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