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If you love hip hop, there's no way that you won't love this song..
4 Talented MC's, a crazy beat..a microphone's all they need.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Her Name is....Black Barbie..

Hmmm..first impressions are very important, so I want to welcome all of you correctly to my world. Hi *waves*, I'm Black Barbie and I don't know how to truly start this, so I'll start first explaining the name. Trust, it's not on any pretentious or conceited shit. Well, obviously, I'm black. African American..whatever term floats your boat..And I'm damn proud of it too! So if you have a problem with black people, black culture, black music, black diamonds or anything black in particular or general - OBVIOUSLY, this blog isn't for you. K.I.M. (Keep it Moving) homie - you don't start none, won't be none. *wink* And the "Barbie" part? Well, its a nickname from numerous men & women in my life who claim that I regularly doll myself up (even if I have nowhere to go). *shrugs shoulders* Hey, I'm just ME. I like glamour, I like the EXTRA-NESS of being me..hell, even the stripperish qualities I the hair (weave), the nails, the clothes, the high heels, the cleavage..its all ME, organically and naturally and I LUV every bit of it. I hope that you will too..and if you don't? Two tears in a bucket, folk, because your validation is neither desired nor required 'round these parts.

So now, I'm sure that you're wondering..why does this chick even have a blog, if it's not to see how many people will agree with her and/or hang onto her every word? Well..i'm blogging because #1) I love to write. Always have, always will. I was 7 when I kept my 1st diary and while I don't have one now, I still continue to write - text and blackberry messages, preferably. (Besides, I am just a smidge witty, if I do say so I'll never claim to be the best, but I'll always be honest - raw & uncut is how I'll give it to you, because its the only way I know how. Besides, I'm giving you insight into my world and how I think - we all have a voice - and I've decided to use mine.

Another reason I'm starting this is because I haven't come across a blog that talks about life, love, sex, relationships & money from my perspective. I am, admittedly, a product of hip hop, and an unabashed music lover to my core. I was a teenager in the mid 90's, which were arguably one of the best & most creative times in hip hop. The culture (the music, the fashion, the drama, its growing pains & its ideals) have influenced so much of who I am today. The music is me, so much a part of me, that I'm incorporating it into this blog. Every post will have songs from hip hop and r&b that correspond to it directly. Maybe I'll introduce you to an artist you've never heard before, or jog your memory to a song you forgot about. Either way, you'll be introduced to the soundtrack of my life - which has a lot of Jay-Z, Jeezy, Nas, TIP, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige and countless others in its reserves.

So, this is me and my perspective. A blog from a 27 year old, black, fly ass chick that is a high school graduate with a lil bit of college experience under her belt. A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and every once in awhile - a very sexual being. I'm only human, I'm not perfect and I'll never claim to be. But I'm real and I'm a good person, which is what matters in life. Strap yourself may be a bumpy ride, but I promise you it'll be a fun one. An honest look at the world from my view. I hope that you enjoy..

Soundtrack of My Life:
Aint I (Remix) ~ Yung LA f/Young Dro & T.I.
My Life ~ Mary J. Blige
Can I Live ~ Jay-Z
Motivation ~ T.I.
Soundtrack of My Life ~ Deemi

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This blog is meant to entertain.
To make you shake your head in agreement (or disagreement). To make you laugh, cry, and share with your friends.

Its not meant to offend, so if I do so at any moment, I apologize in advance.

This is just me - my ramblings, my thoughts, my life (or as much of my life as I'm going to give to the world wide web)..

"It is what it is, and what it isn't, it shall never be" ~ Me


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