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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Open Letter #1...

Sometimes, you have to get things/thoughts/feelings off your chest..
And the easiest way to do it is to write a letter..
So, this open letter is to my love..

He knows who he is.

It was very easy to fall in love with you,
despite whatever reservations I had about our differences.

You were not who I was looking for.
Hell, I wasn't even looking..
I didn't even want to be in a relationship, much less fall in love.
I thought that true love would never come to me, due to the fact that I thought I had it a few times in the past..
only to be let down and heartbroken time and time again..
But, I realized that my life would be empty without you in it,
So i had to give you that chance.
I had to give US that chance,
and take that risk.

And it hurt.
The pain of actually opening up my heart to you hurt so much,
because I knew that you could reject it,
reject me..
reject my love.
But I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try.
And now, I can honestly say that I'm happy that I did.

You've tried to push me away, time and time again.
And what you've said during those times hurts.
Its wounded my heart.
Your words have made me cry.
But I've let that pain go because I
know where its coming from.
You're afraid,
same as I was.
You've been hurt.
Same as me.
I know that sometimes its much easier to push someone away
rather than to let them get too close,

out of fear.
Fear of them disappointing you.
Or hurting you even further than you've already been hurt.
Or even breaking your heart.
But when you attempt to distance yourself away from me,
I see it for what it is..

and all I want to do is shield you from the pain..
Love you harder,
protect your heart..
and treat it like it was mine..
So that you can see that there is another way..
There are women out there that are loyal and faithful and honest..
And don't want anything from you but to love you.

I can't predict the future.
And I don't know if we'll make it to the end,
whatever end that may be.
I don't even know why you love me,
when there are so many others you could have..
But I'm honored, blessed and lucky that you picked me to be with you.
I promise that I'll never lie to you.
I'll always be there for you.
I'll treat your heart as if it was mine.
And I'll make sure that if there is nowhere else you can find peace,
you can always find it with me.
I'll always fight for you,
for us,
our relationship..
because you're worth it to me,
and nothing will ever change that.
I see the best & the most wonderful qualities in you that you can't even see in yourself,
and it makes me adore you more.
Without you in my life, my world would be empty.
My heart would be empty.
So I'll be here for you as long as you want me.
Mind, body and soul..
I love you.


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